Thursday, 25 March 2010

embroidery isnt as easy as it looks

Whilst as a trade show I met several men, sorry all you men out there!, who have set up an embroidery business. They general theme was they were shocked how hard it can be to do, I guess they assumed you purchase a machine and off you go. But its just not that easy.

Ive done machine embroidery for years now, starting out as a hobby, and its been a constant learning curve. Every material needs a different way of hooping and a different backing. The designs themselves may need tweeking for what your sewing onto.

I learnt the most when I began to digitise my own designs. Boy did I have some spectacular failures to begin with! But once you learn to think about how it will sew out and digitise that way rather than how it would seem easier or quickest, it starts to show results. Dont be fooled into thinking these click and stitch design packages are the bees knees, they are not, sometimes there is no substitute for hard work

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Another day at the NEC

Well another long morning at the NEC, but a good one. We are now awaiting the arrival of another embroidery machine to help with demand for our embroidered gifts and make our delivery times even quicker.

I love getting new machines to play with, I guess when its delivered I'll be up all night long playing with it to see what it can do!

Whilst I was at the show the lovely marketing lady from Wilcom gave a speach which was very interesting and thought provoking. Lots more work to do now though! lol

So now it's time to go put all my new ideas into action I guess! Keep your eye on for all my new creations!

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