Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Obsession? Hobby? Job?

I do embroidery as a job of course, but I love trying new designs out and tend to spend any spare time I have creating new designs and sewing them out. So although its a job it's also something else. Hobby or obsession though? My husband says obsession, but I think hobby, although I suppose I do have slight obsession with personalised baby blankets, my son has so many now he could have a different one on his pushchair every day of the year I think! lol

Now something I do consider my current obsession is the Twilight Saga, having read the books till the are now falling part I've moved on to the films. If you havent seen the new Eclipse movie do go and see it, its great and thats not just a die hard fans view, even my husband who took me to see it enjoyed it.

Well as much as I love to talk I love to sew more, so off to complete some orders and see what new things I can dream up.

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