Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Starting an embroidery business

I thought I would write about how we got started in the embroidery business, I know lots of people think about doing this so it may be helpful to someone.

I first stated doing machine embroidery as a hobby about 8 years ago, I started of with what was then a very expensive machine, the Brother 3100D, if you can get one its still a fantastic machine in my opinion.  Like most people who make things, I soon began to get people saying "oh thats lovely will you do me one?" and so a little pin money business starts.  I loved to make Personalised baby gifts and as more and more people asked me to do one for them so my business began to get bigger.

We moved into embroidered clothing and workwear about 4 years after that, I still do the Personalised baby blankets  and baby gifts through my website whilst my husband runs the workwear side of things.

I think if you have never done embroidery then think long and hard before leaping in.  Its not as easy as it look and takes a long time to understand how the machines sew, the best thing is to learn how to digitise designs yourself as this will give you a better understanding of how an embroidery machine thinks when it sews.

A lot of embroidery problems come from people not understand that one needle size or backing does not fit all.  You have to change needle sizes and backing types to suit the type of fabric your sewing on and change the desity of the design for the fabrics too sometimes.  So never believe these salesmen who say "you just switch it on load your design and it sews it!"  Nothing is that easy in life!

The other thing to think about is the type of machine your going to buy.  Set your budget and be firm, dont be swayed by huge multihead machines to start with, do you really need that many heads at the start?  Can you afford it? Will you get that outlay back? Like wise dont get a home embroidery machine off Ebay, the quality of the sewing will not be good enough and you will find you just cant hoop and sew some things.

The final thing is there is no such thing as easy money, the embroidery business is hard and can be very cut throat, its a very busy market place already so think what will make you different to businesses out there already? 

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