Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Baby fun at bath time

My youngest son just dosn't enjoy bath time, its not so much the bath he hates as the prospect of having to get his hair wet and in turn some of it getting on his face. My first thoughts where dont make a big deal out of it, just carry on and he will get over it, of course this idea crashed and burned, he never has got over getting his face wet. So plan B a shopping trip around Mothercare, here I found a rather expensive plastic jug with a flexible side. You fill with water and then hold it against your childs head (the flexi bit fits around their forehead) and pour. Crashed and burned, it leaks and he still gets a wet face.

So we plodded on with bath time woes, him not enjoying having a bath because he was worried about the hair washing bit.

Well one day I had been making some personalised baby towels , in fact it was the Cuddledry cuddlebug towel  and I wondered if he would like the fun . Its got a fun green bug wing pattern on it and a hood with little ears on top.

So that night I let him try a towel on and showed him the green wings and how to hold out the towel edges and he could run round like he was flying!  He loved it so I told him he had to have his bath but after, when he was a brave boy, he would run round in his bug towel. Success!

He still hates the water on his face but he endures it now so he can play bug man when he gets out of the bath to play in his "special" towel. I have to say I love the towel too, they are made from bamboo and are not only super silky and soft but thick and dry him in no time at all.

So all in all everyone is happy!

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